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Supporting Material


Activity: The Challenges We Face


Activity: Systems Thinking and Feedback Loops

The Setting

Geologic (or Deep) Time

Vignette: Planet Earth-Time, Origin, Evolution

Habitable Planet

Vignette: Planet Earth-Time, Origin, Evolution

Activity: The Ecological Footprint

Activity: My Food, My Water

Human Population and Demographics

Vignette: Human Population
Vignette: Population Growth

Activity: Population Growth and Global Society

Resilience and Sustainability Activity: The Resilience Documentary Project

The Needs

Food Vignette: World's Food and Fisheries
Vignette: Land Use
Vignette: Deforestation

Activity: Food Security

Vignette: Global Water
Vignette: World's Fresh Water Supply

Activity: Water

Air Vignette: Atmosphere and Oceans
Energy Resources Vignette: Energy Resources and Use

Activity: Energy Resources-Data Analysis
Climate Change and Impacts

Vignette: Greenhouse Gases and Earth’s Energy Balance
Vignette: Climates of the Past and Present
Vignette: Future Climate and Impacts

Activity: Watch and discuss National Geographic's documentary "Before the Flood" (2016) At: or

Activity: Climate Analysis from Vostok Ice Core Data

Mineral Resources Vignette (USGS): Do We Take Minerals for Granted?

The Challenges

Geologic Hazards Vignette: Active Earth

Activity: Earthquake Recurrence and Probability
Hydrologic Hazards  
Atmospheric Hazards
Hazards and Risk  
Economics and Equity  
Human Era: the Anthropocene Reading (Earth's Future): Hello Anthropocene, Goodbye Holocene
Podcast (Michigan Radio): Move aside Holocene


Origin of Life Reading (BBC): How did life begin?
Deforestation Vignette (NPR's Look At This): Rain forest was here

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